Channel 4, Monday 13th December, 2.10pm GMT

Enough of the behind the scenes snaps, tabloid articles, and Instagram reels. It’s finally time for you to see me serve as Arithmetician on the world’s longest-running game show, Countdown. While Rachel Riley was off on maternity leave (Mazel Tov to Rachel and her growing family) I sat in her chair to bring my own form of wit, charm and warmth to the iconic letters and numbers board.

AMI outside her Countdown dressing room.

You may have already seen me do this on the ‘Black to Front’ special with Sir Trevor McDonald, Lemn Sissay and Marverine Cole. This time it’s slightly different. Expect lots of 75 times tables and a few 125 times tables. Expect many, many pairs of trainers. Expect an incredible set of vintage and secondhand outfits (thanks to Nina Bright). Expect an array of lip colours (thanks Maryan). Expect my grey hair to glisten under the powerful studio lights like it’s never glistened before. Of course, also expect plenty of good times with Anne Robinson, Susie Dent and a range of guests as we work our way through 10 letter rounds, 4 number rounds and at least one Conundrum an episode.

It was super surreal but also work. Doing 6 things on set at the same time is tough in the best of circumstances without also having to fit my normal life around it. 3 days at a time, 5 episodes a day is not for the faint-hearted. I’ll now watch with a more informed sense of admiration for the Countdown team and contestants.

I’m very thankful to the kind production crew, Lifted Entertainment, ITV Studios and Channel 4 for having me along for the ride. To Anne for managing to not upstage my necklace collection. To Susie for being insightful and selecting words I could spell. A special thanks goes also to the dedicated audience and fans of the show. Some of whom waited for hours outside the studio to say hello and get an autograph ♥️.

See y’all for 60 episodes from December 13th on Channel 4 at 2.10pm daily (or on-demand on All4).

-Peace, aimafidon