2020 – My year of Joy and of ‘Missing Out’

Anne-Marie at Boulders Beach on 8 Mar 2019

Back in 2018, my speaking agent dropped me a note asking whether I’d do an exciting gig in Cape Town. I was ready to say yes, but the event date really troubled me. 7th March meant that I’d have to do the ridiculous thing of not being in London during […]

Travelling doesn’t just broaden the mind – it tests the team

I’ve never understood or experienced the travel bug and so don’t empathise with friends who insist on going to far-flung places to sit on elephants or climb mountain X just for the view. As a proud and perhaps somewhat arrogant Londoner, I’ve always suffered FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) when […]

Five lessons at Twenty Five

HRH Queen Elizabeth and Anne-Marie Imafidon

June is my birthday month. This June I met the Queen & Duke of Cambridge at Buckingham Palace, sat at a breakfast table with Sir Tim Berners-Lee, Lady Martha Lane-Fox, Mayor Bloomberg and Mayor Boris (all at the same time) and was called into meet with one of the most senior people […]

A lot can happen in a year – thank you 2013

I look back at the past 365 days, via my blog posts, tweeted pictures and emails and am astonished at what has happened. In my final post of 2012, I wrote that ‘I hoped my thank you list for 2013 would be longer’, but would never have guessed the scale […]

Doing good? Trying to prove it is ‘Mission Impossible’

“We haven’t quite got 99 problems – we actually identified 9 problems with social impact measurement.” – Jack Graham, CEO & Founder of Year Here I first encountered the notion of a social entrepreneur after attending an event hosted by Lord Wei at university and since have looked on social […]

Patience is a name. Serendipity is my virtue.

For me serendipity arises more when you’re open to new ideas, open with your thoughts & ideas and open with your time. A closed hand can’t receive anything. I absolutely hate being told “Patience is a virtue, Anne-Marie”. One Saturday afternoon a few months back, Michelle Brook (also known as […]