There’s a first for everything – your first Christmas, your first word, your first day at school, your first car, your first kiss…and (not necessarily in this order) your first salary. This is my first ‘public’ blog (post).

I’m hoping to use this blog as an outlet for ideas I have, and as a pseudo-diary. I’ll put up my musings on Collaboration & Social Media, Technology, Education, Mathematics and Social Enterprise – as well as anything else I’m really thinking about. My first actual content will be written to coincide with the BCSWomen’s blog carnival going on this month.

I think a monthly blog post will be doable – but on occasion I may blog more frequently.

My word for the year is ‘Go’, so I was going to call this blog AMIGo (a concatenation of my initials and my word of the year). A friend suggested AMIDreaming. I think I’ll stick to my Twitter handle – aimafidon.